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Outwater is a leading distributor of over 65,000 different products for residential and commercial renovations. For almost 50 years, they have served the needs of homeowners, architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, and remodelers. Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. and its subsidiary company Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC have warehouses in New Jersey and Arizona where they stock and ship orders worldwide.


Outwater’s diverse inventory includes:

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Balustrades
  • Barn Door Hardware
  • Brass Tubing & Fittings
  • Caster Wheels
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Columns & Capitals
  • Decorative Wood Carvings
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Faux & Real Stone Panels
  • Faux Wood Beams
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Furniture/Cabinet Hardware
  • Interior & Exterior Mouldings
  • Knobs & Pulls
  • Laminates
  • Lighting and Lighting Accessories
  • Sign Holders
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Plastic Extrusions (T-moulding, U-channel & Angle moulding)
  • Wainscoting
  • Wall Coverings
  • Wrought Iron Components

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